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Hurricane Charley, August 2004

Hurricane Charley passed up the southern half of the east coast on August 14, 2004.  By the time it reached us in North Carolina the storm had reduced in strength to a category 1 storm.  It came ashore below us … Continue reading

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Hurricane Isabel, September 2003

On September 18th 2003, Hurricane Isabel made landfall in North Carolina, and left a trail of hurricane damaged property behind it.  This was in the early days of my experience of boat ownership and is the first hurricane that I … Continue reading

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Trailer safety chains – what not to do

I was reminded of my dear friend Laura Kenney (who passed away a few years ago) as I was driving to work the other day.  I passed a truck with a pretty weird sense of how to attach safety chains to … Continue reading

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Venture of Newport

When my daughter was very young, I got it in my head that I needed to supplement the current fleet with a sailboat. “She has to grow up around sailboats!” I demanded. Of course, the fact that my father had … Continue reading

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What is a quartering sea?

Beam seas occur when waves are running at right angles to a vessels heading, basically taking waves on the side of your vessel.  Beam seas pose a danger due the possibility of creating excessive roll, and if severe enough, even … Continue reading

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